May. 14th, 2017

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Weeks and days. It hasn't been my intent to post only weekly or on the weekends -- weeks are the units of my emotional life now, and weekly is the cadence on which, for the most part, the things in my life happen. Obviously that can't be entirely true, because sleeping and eating and such; and also monthly bill payments (mostly automated now) and quarterly work planning and yearly events like holidays, seasons and birthdays. Still, the week is what dominates my conscious sense of how things are going. Did I have good handstands, did I finish with a nice sense of completion or with a sense of "thank goodness I have the weekend to catch up"? I wonder whether I'll be able to change this while I'm on vacation, maybe by creating a few more daily habits. There could be real payoff to experiencing 30 days, as opposed to 4 weeks and a random extra weekend.

Weird exercise stuff

Well, first of all, if you are doing effortless pistol squats in a public place I am probably going to approach you and drop into a pistol to say hi. That's how I met probably the highest-level ashtanga yoga practitioner I've ever talked to in person (he practices third series regularly -- you can't even learn that in this town), on a train ride out to see my handstand coach yesterday. I showed him dragon pistols for fun, and we talked about body-weight stuff and instagram-friended each other at the end.

Second of all, if you are doing something obviously balance-intensive at the gym, I am probably going to approach you and ask what it is. That's how I learned an exercise I have no name for, last weekend. Basically you hold a weighted bar in front of you, vertically, just a bit below its middle, as if it's a sword and you're in an ad for the Marines. Tighten your butt and core, find some stillness, hold the bar there with just one hand. Then put your other hand below your first hand, raise it a bit (the bar is higher now), drop your first hand, find some stillness. Repeat. Repeat. It gets much wigglier and harder by the time you're holding the bar at the bottom, and much easier if you keep the bar in a good place to begin with. I think the guy I saw was doing this with an 18lb bar and I did it with a 12lb for my first try... it felt very like an acro tightness/stillness exercise, and I think my years of flying foot-to-hand came in handy.

Third of all, if you are my handstand coach and tell me to do something, I'm probably going to do it. Yesterday I learned "eye pushups", my coach's name for an exercise he learned at a Z-Health event. One holds a marker (pencil, stick... thumb?) out at arm's length, stares vigorously at one spot or letter on it, then slowly brings the marker in to the face until it's no longer possible to focus well; then slowly back out. Three reps. I don't know WTF is going on here, but I did a few handstands before that and a few handstands after that, and my balance got way better instantly.

Cold, cold, cold.... this 50-degree weather just isn't working out for me, Boston. It's been weeks, the house's heating system seems helpless against clamminess in a way it's not against true winter cold, and I'm sleeping in heavy fleecy clothes that I usually can't wear to bed in the winter without waking up all sweaty (now, it's working just fine). I'm only warm when I'm exercising. Bleh.


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