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Punched Out -- it's rare to read an explanation of suicide this cogent and grounding. It makes me sad that more neurotypical folks did such a bad job of dealing with this man while he was alive, though. People are often very quick to anger when there's a perceived slight.

I found the best anagram in English is a fun read if you're a crossover wordplay/programming nerd, with some very satisfying anagrams as a final payoff (excitation and intoxicate)! I won't give away the best one, but it's VERY good.

A "5 questions" self-help thing that I rather liked; first for the sheer chutzpah of claiming "Buddhism, Stoicism and neuroscience" as a combined source, and second for the content. I particularly like "Does the world owe me this?" and "Must I have this to have a happy life?".

A Silicon Valley abuse story, in which physical abuse and death threats are judged "offensive touch" and the abuser is given less than 30 days in jail, is a link you probably shouldn't read. I found it more disturbing than anything I've read in quite a long time. Some of the abuse-scene transcripts (which she recorded on an iPhone) read much like BDSM scenes, having the same sort of, well, silliness to them. Except there's the most horrible crossover into the realm of her professional knowledge (“What is a bug?” he asks. “Come on, bitch! What is a bug?”), and the whole thing of demeaning her, and blaming her for things is done without consent (“You don’t want to get beaten up?” he asks. “Then control yourself”). It's about a million miles away from the in-joke between [personal profile] norwoodbridge and me about how everything is my fault... and when he hits her it's not because they both like it, and there's no safeword. Not only was this article hard for me to get through, I think I finally understand why BDSM scenes are upsetting to some people. Ugh.
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