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Yesterday was nearly the platonic ideal of a vacation day:
  • Woke up with no alarm clock

  • Productively did follow-up things from the weekend (review AirBnB hosts, figure out who owes $)

  • Try a new-to-me restaurant with a work friend

  • Go to the gym just to stretch: read more of Too Like the Lightning while doing pikes and splits and backbends

  • Home, email, social media

  • Went to LCS for handstands, then dynamic acro with my very sweet and amusing new substitute base. He's new to this level of acro, a cute young thing who works in software sales during the day and does burlesque performance at night, and I think we beat him up pretty well. I also think he based his first standing hand-to-hand though... so, hopefully worth it?

  • The park near my house was all lit up with Pokemon Go lures! Caught some Pokemon in the late-evening warmth.

  • Showered, made up for missed date night with [personal profile] heisenbug

  • Finally got memento from Sassy Fran in Neko Atsume

  • Received cat snuggles, fell asleep.

Sickening, huh? Today's been mildly less ideal, but I did get caught out in a very dramatic summer thunderstorm -- something I didn't realize was on my list, but it should have been. There was hail! Trees got knocked over! It was thrilling, in a low-consequence way.

And now I'm off to finish Too Like the Lightning. It's a current Hugo nominee which is dense as hell, has a very unreliable and self-conscious narrator, and which spends a lot of time at the beginning confusing the reader for fun; I would never have been able to get into it if I were working full-time.
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