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Definite change in tone, on about Wednesday, as my focus began to shift to "okay, really, this vacation will end soon. What will I be pissed at myself later for NOT doing now, while it would have been easy?".

Hauling my Dutch commuter bike out of the basement was one of those things, a somewhat spiderwebby thing. Longtime readers might remember me getting this bike in, uh, 2009. Here is a picture, and it still looks just like that (except for the now-flat tires) because I rode it probably less than 10 times. It deserves way better, and it prickles at my minimalist brain to have SUCH a large object sitting there unused; vacation confirmed to me that I need to sell it, along with its numerous accessories. It is lovely and if I were going to ride a bike, it'd be that one; now it's time to accept my nature as Not A Bike Person, sweep the webs off it, and put up an ad.

Taking a private trapeze lesson was another (originally planned to be a semi, but people are flakes). I like to sit on the trapeze between classes on Wednesday, and wanted a couple of safe things to do during that time; what I actually did, according to the teacher, was about half of the 101 class. And if I can remember them, I have some easy tricks to do now: star in a box, dead hang, rajah with a twist out, some random poses that are mostly "make this body shape". Also a half mill plus the one trick I hated and wouldn't really do, a candlestick. I would like to learn a monkey roll... does anyone here happen to know what Esh level those are usually taught at?

I've also started to work through all my various logins to websites, updating and deleting. That last one is a much longer project than I'd expected; with ~125 lines left in the password hints spreadsheet, I might have realized, but I didn't. Guess I'll be working away at that for a while. Let's see though, I started with 138, and the first 15 are now confirmed, so that means I removed 12 or 13 lines while verifying 15? Yep. As I suspected, that file is full of cruft. It's also OLD -- how old isn't clear, but there was one password hint that actually stumped me for about an hour. "Bk...", all right, it's probably based on a phrase, but what on earth could "Bk" be short for? Big kids? Burger King? Be...? Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle! That's from at least six years ago and the login doesn't work, and I hate that site, so delete. (And now you know that I base a lot of my passwords on phrases: the "Be kind" quote turns into Bk,4eymifagb. It's reasonably good because you get built-in capital and lowercase letters, punctuation, and often an easy number from a "one" or "for" or "to".)

The rest of my vacation is pretty well spoken for. Last night was all about [personal profile] norwoodbridge and his birthday (dinner with his kids, walks on the beach -- the kids got fascinatingly fighty!), and the next two are all about a friend's wedding. This was all planned, and it's nice to not have much chance to fret about work starting. I'm still planning to walk into Monday completely cold, and let people tell me what happened.
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