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I spent a weekend in Vermont with [personal profile] heisenbug, actively disliking small towns and facing unfriendly food options (dairy, bell peppers). Our friend's wedding went beautifully -- it was outside in a sculpture garden, and they wrote their own vows. So bittersweet to see them doing an acro routine for their first dance... it's the kind of thing we would do if we were getting married now, but we got married well before there was any acro in town, before [personal profile] justplainuniverse ever lifted me onto her feet and got me hooked. So, yeah, they are younger and cuter and cooler than us, and he brings the contentment and she brings the joie de vivre and together they'll do just fine, I think.

It was also my first time in a hedge maze, and I took pictures of an adorable little frog.

Then I went back to work today. Bleh, it was so weird, filled with people caring a lot about very abstract and esoteric stuff that I couldn't quite connect with. I declared email bankruptcy and didn't have much to catch up on, except figuring out what happened this quarter and what the tech leads think we should do next quarter. And I went to meetings. There's a list of stuff I could be doing this evening, but today it all feels too distant to care about, and I took the evening off. Luckily, after the long break nobody expected me to be useful on Day 1... maybe tomorrow I'll be able to care more, and therefore actually do more.
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