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The festival is over.

Mostly technical notes on classes, quite long. )

The closing ceremony was fantastic. First we formed a moving mandala by dividing up into concentric circles. Each circle learned a simple four-breath flow, and then we all formed up and did our flows simultaneously. I can't wait to see video. I don't think they had a camera on the ceiling above the center point, but even so it will be neat.

After the mandala stopped there were a few oms. Then the folks who were leading the mandala thing asked Jason and Jenny to come to the center and sit back to back; and they asked the rest of us to do a "full body blessing" by lying down stretched out toward them. Since we were all already in perfect circles, the effect must have been fantastic: two or three hundred little lines arranged radially and saying "thanks, thanks, we really mean it so much that this prostration thing feels pretty reasonable under the circumstances". The speaker was crying as she thanked J&J, not just for organizing the festival but for starting the whole acroyoga movement, and Jenny was crying when I looked up (couldn't see Jason) and I may have shed a tear myself.

The moment and the day then dissolved into a sudden hailstorm of logistics, as such moments and days always do. That was yesterday. This morning finds me at the Zillian mothership, deeply disoriented. I don't recall what I'm supposed to be doing. One thing for sure... I'm not working out today.
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I'm back at [livejournal.com profile] rifmeister's place after the first day of the acroyoga festival, and not feeling quite the way I expected to feel. Today was a single workshop from 9 to 5 taught by the founders Jason and Jenny, and it focused on "washing machines". Awesome, except for two things: first, I wound up basing all day instead of flying, and second, somehow the giant room full of really high-level people left me feeling kind of negative about the Boston scene.

That said, who cares -- San Francisco is beautiful, I got to see people I haven't seen since last year, and I was stronger and better than I was at last year's intensive. The basing was hard on my wrists and shoulders, but with my flying muscles still sore from Ido Portal it may have been all right to let those ones rest. We also did some great flows that I want to remember and take back home.

The washing machines, five of which were new to me. ) J&J said it was the most such things they'd ever taught in one day, and the only one I know that they didn't teach is spider roll.

Also seen: ninja star, which hasn't been taught but I'm hoping to figure out anyway.

The rest of the festival is going to break each day into pieces, and I'll make sure I get to fly some of those pieces.
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Hangle dangle with Bonnie
Hangle dangle with Bonnie
People took some pictures last Tuesday -- this is my favorite so far. I'm not sure why Bonnie's second leg isn't all the way on the ground here, but she makes up for it with the cutesy mudra she's doing with her hands...

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OMG, being on the grapevine is gooooood. I heard yesterday that South Boston Yoga has started offering acroyoga classes on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:30 (their schedule). Monday is Acroyoga Basics, which is the one someone actually told me about... me, I'm going on Wednesday, either this week or next. :-)

The first drop-in is free and they're right at the Broadway T stop, all of which is too perfect for words. Anyone want to go with me??

Update: ooh! They're also doing an Acroyoga weekend thing in November, which is really just Friday night and Saturday afternoon/evening. Friday is mostly inversions and "geared toward advanced yoga students and teachers" while Saturday is mostly Thai massage and the partner work. I bet we won't really do this thing in the event ad, though...

I'm pretty much pooping my pants with excitement here, even so. [livejournal.com profile] islenskr, I don't know if you'll be better enough or not, but could the Saturday sessions be your excuse to come and visit? I have a couch.


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