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I never thought I'd say this, but I start to see the point of Twitter. What happens when you DO have things to say, things that are postable, and you just can't scrape your brain and time together enough? ("Had we but brain enough, and time, this coyness, LJ, were no crime...")

I wanted to say, at some point, that I read an article about Senator Clinton that kind of enraged me. It was a positive article about her, and how she's been seeming more human lately and playing up her strengths. Somewhere near the end, it said "Until now, Clinton has been acting like a president trapped in a woman's body..." EXCUSE ME!? That's about the most ugly, sexist thing I've ever seen in a national magazine. Hillary has a woman's body... a strong, rather stubby, all-around presidential woman's body. And if I were in her body, I would use it to kick that writer's body wherever it would hurt the most.

Also, regarding my algorithms class: I hate induction proofs. They go like this: our algorithm works for an empty array. So now let's assume it works for a real array that is smaller than our array. Yay, it must work for our array too! Huh? Shut up.

Lastly, I hate when people bait-and-switch me.

I meant it about Twitterishness. I'm going to try to get more open to micro-blogging, because I'm NOT quitting LJ for the term. That was crazy-talk. I'm quitting gymnastics for the term instead.

It would be hard to express here how much I feel like knitting for a while. It's good for my productivity that I don't have a sweater-piece with me today.


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