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I saw "Love and Gravity" by the Acrobatic Conundrum last night and am agreeing with [livejournal.com profile] nevers -- good show! Mostly not super amazing circus... well, except for the calmest rope act I've ever seen, and the most interesting rope apparatus I've ever seen, and the biggest cyr wheel I've ever seen, and the happiest acro base I've ever seen. From whom I get to take a workshop today, so woohoo! I hope I get to stand on her. Ohhhh, and I also have a new but surely abiding girl-crush on Molly Graves, who was a visiting artist last night (here's a video of her. Those arms!). Also, a good "surprise" moment at the beginning. So actually, what am I holding out for? Great show.

I bet LSC's rope classes all fill up for next session, now, if they haven't already. I also got the deep pleasure of turning around to the guys behind me who'd never seen a Cyr wheel before, and saying "you know you can take classes for that like a mile from here, right?" and blowing their fucking minds. Satisfying.

I think I meant to post about some circus progress of my own, last week. It's minor stuff, like managing a couple of split-to-split helicopters in handstand last weekend, and kinda finding the support point for my knee on my elbow for working on air babies. (I will likely never have a one-arm handstand, but some say an air baby isn't much harder than a croc, and I sure have a croc... so hmm.)
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I still have a cold, but it didn't stop me from having SUCH a good acro-weekend.

Saturday's semiprivate lesson with the Ant was like a continuation of awesomeness from the weekend before. We worked on a few things and all of them had victories.

  • Standing hand-to-hand is somehow the queen of tricks for me, and this is the first time that we literally stuck more than we didn't (I think). I'd be standing up there on his shoulders, and instead of "okay, here goes another try" I would really believe I was going into hand-to-hand, whether for a short time or a long time. And usually I would. I offer this still from a video as proof:

    (Props to you if you can spot the alignment problem we fought with all day.) We also tried pressing this up overhead a couple of times, which went rather badly, but probably also pretty well for a first lesson.
  • Standing foot-to-hand, pressed way up overhead, after pitching to regular standing foot-to-hand. The Ant and I are both tall, and this trick puts my head almost 13 feet from the ground. But his hands are big, and we're stable: I feel safe.
    Picture of me feeling safe )
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder. You've all seen this trick in some adagio act or other, where the acrobats un-twine their arms and balance as if glued together. Well, this weekend I got my arms to my sides and the Ant got his almost to his sides. We have to move really slowly to get there, and it doesn't feel great, but it's an advanced trick and we sure love our success rate.

This overlapped the acroyoga jam, which we continued into after a break for some almonds. I learned a new counterbalance with Rocky, flew a really good needle and some whips on Scooper, based the Ant in thighstand, and L-based my favorite small flyer for a while (I think I'll name her Chickie). Some other shenanigans; I don't remember, it's all lost in the druggie acro haze.

Today I showed up (late) for open studio, only to find out that it was Unofficial Banquine Day. Um, okay, handbalancing coach, sure! I'm set to fly if we have a belt and people are set to throw! So I got to fly a bit of banquine... on Rocky and Scooper at first, just tempos up and down, then toss up and lie back to basket catch. For those things I was fearless. I took a break while two other flyers went, on a mix of bases. One of them was an ex-gymnast and the other was my handbalancing coach. Both of them worked on doing a back tuck to a basket catch, so of course then I wanted to do that too. And I did! Holy crap, I guess I do still have the back tuck in my body from Z-dawg's classes long ago. The first time I was too tucked (and landed with a very loud squeak), second time too open, third time perfect. I could feel how pretty it was. And I was flying on Scooper and the Ant by that point, so it was the perfect three-way victory for my favorite trio. <3 I never, ever thought I'd do that trick in my life, so what a gift to be able to do it with them, today.

(For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, it was almost exactly like this... but instead of landing back on my feet, I rotated 90 degrees more and landed with both bases cradling me in their arms. Safer, easier.)

Somehow in all that, I didn't work any more h2h and I forgot to demand any Russian Rolls. Well, there's always next week. For now I will smile, be glad I rested my shoulders, and wonder why my quads are sore.
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Last Friday [livejournal.com profile] flexagon finally got to see what [livejournal.com profile] apfelsingail's circus posts are all about. That was planned... unplanned is that we wore almost identical outfits. Hint for confused viewers: only one of us has enough hair to have a braid. :)

Here is [livejournal.com profile] flexagon doing a layback under the careful tutelage of the mandatory tattooed instructor:

[livejournal.com profile] apfelsingail displays impressive flexibility on the Spanish web. Take note of her (lone) ninja-foot!

More pictures: handstands, more trapeze, more spanish web and a kitty! )


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