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Yesterday I did the majority of my Christmas shopping (yes, Jeff Bezos, take all my money. Yes friends, you're probably getting books from me, but you knew that, right?). I also got a book of Set puzzles and one pair of earrings for me:

I'm going to use them as a tool for doing "one in, four out" or something on my earrings. I still have some I never wear, and paring down is easier with the excitement of a new thing.

On other news, I need to re-jigger my workout schedule. Something about the way I have things now isn't working, and I've been missing a ton of workouts. Much of it can be chalked up to real estate drama and work drama, but not all of it -- sometimes I've just been exhausted and feeling bad. I had all these plans of being super-diligent in the leadup to December's acroyoga intensive, whereas in fact I'm mightily distracted and my right leg is messed up. (Semitendonosus tear again? Sure, a little, but mostly it feels like someone poured glue into my right thigh so the muscle groups are all bound together.) Ugh.

When I get to work tomorrow all my stuff will have moved to a different floor. We crated and stickered it all up on Friday for the movers. Will I remember to hit the new elevator button, or will I walk to my old desk and be completely bewildered? No more [livejournal.com profile] soong on my team. Morning light coming in from a different angle. At least one more person on my team, maybe two, who weren't part of it on Friday and will need help.

I was wrong to call my workplace Zillian. I wish I had named it Accelerando.


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