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Yesterday brought ArtBeat to Davis Square, as well as being Caturday. It's our biggest art festival, and I don't think I even pretended I'd steer clear of it this time around. I bought a crazy necklace from Amy Casher, the same artist who last year provided me with an alien garden ring:

It was more than I meant to spend, but I have now fulfilled my "one crazy jewelry purchase of the year" requirement for 2011.

Ian Henderson is another local designer I'll watch in the future -- his spiky black designs satisfy the goth in me like nothing has in a long time.
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It's been hard lately to come up with words that fit both my life and the internet. Feeling like this guy as often as I do is probably unwarranted. It seems sometimes like all you guys have stories while I'm just hanging on, or waiting something out, or ploddingly trying to do the next thing that needs doing.

This morning [livejournal.com profile] heisenbug wanted to go to Artbeat, and art love won out over minimalism love: I am plus one crazy alien garden ring. This picture doesn't show how far up the tallest flower grows from the hand... it's not a small or shy piece. I love things that take me just the right amount out of my comfort zone. Luckily, I have one finger that can comfortably wear it: the finger that is already accustomed to my big, chunky class ring from MIT.

Also, today my favorite (acro) base came over to my place and we practiced acroyoga stuff that's right on the edge of what we can do together, and I did some extemporaneous cooking that came out okay. Confidence-inspiring stuff, though also dishes-producing.


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