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Today I welcomed Cece to my little family of Fluevogs. These have a very close-fitting calf and appear/feel absolutely indestructible. I'm told they last forever and that every part is fixable, from deep scuffs in the leather to resoling to re-zippering (but the zippers are metal and heavy-duty, so I don't see that being needed). I'm happy. I might have coaxed my last pair of boots along through the rest of this season, but then I might not have, and these rock.

Embarrassingly, as I walked to the shoe store I put a toe through yet another goddamn Gap sock. These things are dying at the rate of just about one sock every time I wear a pair, and I haven't had them for long. So unhappy. I stopped at Macy's on my way back, bought a bunch of socks and have now ousted every old Gap sock from my drawer... TAKE THAT, FLIMSY DOUCHENOZZLE SOCKS.

I hear your voices saying "But, [livejournal.com profile] flexagon, don't you usually have a weird No Thing Buying policy in effect in the first part of the new year?" Well, yes. But I have a photo shoot coming up for which I'd prefer to get some new clothes, and the sock thing? Real problem. It's supposed to be a break from consumerism, not Uncomfortable No Sock Wearing Time. So the deal is that I'm not buying books, as of Christmas; my to-read shelf is full and badly needs to be read down; but full no-thing-buying has to wait.


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