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Oct. 8th, 2007 09:57 pm
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I'm not sure today could have been more perfect. This morning I woke up to a peaceful raininess. After getting the bug out the door to work, I showered and sorted through all my clothes, assembling a bag of stuff to take to the Goodwill. I took it there on the way to meet friends for lunch and bowling... oh I am a lousy bowler, the worst of all my friends, and I still think it's so much fun!

After that I came home and created all the audio tracks & final editing for the video of yoga headstands I've been trying to make for ages. Yes, I have finish-it-up-itis; all these projects I'm finishing now are things I started weeks ago, and I'm clearing my plate of them as much as possible before diving headlong into the new world of Zillian. But beyond that, I am so glad to have made this video, because now the next person who searches for information on these headstands will find something. And also, it was fun to make. Most shocking to me -- after the initial fit of nerves over pressing the "record" button, I had fun recording the voiceover. How did that happen? I hate my voice... don't I? I hate recording myself... don't I? But today I just found the whole thing fascinating. Listening to myself, listening to myself talk much faster than it sounds from inside my head, listening to myself being so very precise in some ways, and getting that croaky sound in other places. Deleting clips, retaking them. It wasn't bad. I hate perhaps one thing about my voice, but not everything, anymore. Go figure. :D

As soon as this shows up nicely with a screen shot (which sometimes takes YouTube a while) I will be cross-posting this to [ profile] yoga, so here's the obligatory apology for anyone on my flist who is also on [ profile] yoga.
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This is the outcome of all the time I spent with iMovie last week. It doesn't have audio, partly because I got impatient (with real life calling me again, I can't keep spending two hours a day on this) and partly because I misremembered the memory limit youtube will accept. I think it came out pretty well though! It's a mix of Mexico in general, Maya Tulum and yoga.

This other, much shorter movie from Mexico is about a little cat I met on Thursday. I wonder if it's legal to have a margay for a pet in Massachusetts...


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