Feb. 21st, 2014

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I think it's funny how, when I try to say how I am physically, it always sounds like I'm falling apart. Like, I'm not doing pistol squats this week (and didn't do them last week) because my left knee is mysteriously tweaked; the right knee has a much odder pain in the back of the joint that I can only attribute, maybe, to flying too much Liberty and hyperextending there. But these things will be fine.

Overall I've been letting my own gym workouts slip a bit more often, falling more and more into letting my circus training shape me. The thing I'm still religious about is my straddle workout, twice/week unless something is dreadfully wrong, because there I continue to make progress and continue to touch my stomach down on the last rep of the last set.

My semiprivate handbalancing lesson with Sellam on Wednesday was intense; like it's supposed to be, I'm sure. All I could think of was my coach, who himself is coached by Sellam sometimes. (Does my coach have a name here? I shall name him... Pokemon!) I kept thinking that if I did really badly I'd disgrace Pokemon's teaching. :-)

And over and over Sellam said very softly "I don't want your strength. I don't want your strength. I want your technique."

He's like the handstand whisperer. He wanted to know what we felt when we did the things he said. And he said I'm more than strong enough for a press. He squished my pike together tight tight, and held my ribcage and said "lift your hips" and I did. And he showed me how to do a better pike press-back on canes -- whatever that exercise is called, where you hold an L-sit and try to lift hips up and back. And for all the "don't want your strength" talk, he wanted me/us to stay up for long, long times, and he said to do trap extensions every day.

I think the drills he taught will help. Also, he said something I've been thinking about anyway: to get serious about flexibility, and see what a difference a better middle split will make. I got in touch with the local contortion teacher the next day: I can't do her classes because of schedule conflicts with acro, but I can take a private lesson or two. I'm scared! But it's what you do if you're serious, right, you work with someone who seriously knows how.


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