Aug. 13th, 2014

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I heard this morning from my coach that there were NO handbalancing acts signed up for the student show at Local Circus School... and I thought that was sad. Sure, none of us are good enough to be sure of sticking a handstand on cue in front of an audience (yet), but there are so many handbalancing classes at LCS, how can we let the aerialists and acro peeps have all the representation?

My idea was that a few of us advanced students can do a group act. For some of it, we can actually spot each other -- for example, up onto canes, with staldering down. Sure, we all wish we could do it without spotters, but it's still not nothing; and we can work the spotters into the choreography, and if two or three pairs do it simultaneously I think this can be cool.

For some of it, we can spot each other up and then back off. (Several of us can count on a decent hold-time if gotten nicely into a good place.)

For some of it, we can count on some success scattered across a group. For instance, ALL of us kick up simultaneously. Those who stay up do a leg variation or two and come down; those who don't make it, just lie down and pose artfully around the ones who do make it.

And for some of it we're already good enough. First, a group of people all doing the same thing always looks cool, even if the thing is easy (like crow pose). Second, some of us HAVE reliable handbalancey skills that are applause-worthy. I have a reliable one-arm croc on canes, for instance. One of us, B, has a cartwheel/squishy press. We can showcase such things, and I think nobody will laugh.

So I floated this idea, and people bit! Wham, seven-person handbalancing troupe. :D

Now for scheduling and financing "semiprivate" group lessons, and finding music, and doing choreography, and oh my god I just created a lot of work for myself. But I also am making a thing happen, which would likely not have happened otherwise, and maybe it will be neat.


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