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flexagon: (racing-turtle)

It's life's illusions I recall

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Created on 2017-04-06 18:17:19 (#2910526), last updated 2017-10-16 (1 day ago)

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Birthdate:Jun 8
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
flexagon is a small, long-haired predator who was successfully transplanted to Boston in 1994 and now considers it her natural habitat. She can be found in the free weights section of local gyms, doing acroyoga, surfing the Red Line or glued to her desk at work.

Flexagon is 37 and urban, though not overly urbane. The things flexagon loves most in all the world are her husband (married in '03), her tabby cat, greater Boston, MIT, books, not being religious, and not being below the poverty line anymore. Flexagon is a geek and an engineer who reads a lot and sometimes writes, draws, or takes photos. Flexagon is for herself and is not against anyone. Flexagon is childfree, carfree and TV-free. All your base are belong to flexagon. If she could have one special power and it couldn't be immortality, she would want to be able to fly. Flexagon is much, much better at Java than at C++, because flexagon hates memory management.


the awesome and VERY famous company flexagon works for (its real name is also a misspelling of a large number). The code name is just so that if someone were to... cough... do a search for the real company name, that search wouldn't find this blog.

Nala, Rafe
Our much-loved cats. Nala has been with me longer than heisenbug has, which means forever.

flexagon's biological child through egg donation, who lives with her daddies E and V. Birdie was born in 2001, and we're in touch via email and birthday/Christmas gifts.


Orange cat adopted from bluechromis in 2009. Died in early 2013... rest in peace, Threat Level Orange.

Flexagon's husband, called HLM for Hacker Love Monkey before joining LJ as heisenbug. HLM is an engineer too, but he's good at C++.


The company flexagon used to work for (synonym for use on bad days: Rat Snake). The rat snake eats frogs and sometimes swallows its prey alive, which is just how I came to work there: Colubrid acquired the nice little company I was working for, Politic Frog. Before that came DSB, but you'd have to read back pretty far to encounter DSB.

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