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Work trips are always overwhelming. I kept this one low-key by avoiding all evening social plans, working out every day except airplane day itself, and playing a fair amount of Pokemon Go (the highlight of my trip: ten minutes early for a meeting with a director at the edge of campus, I sat down to pit myself against a raid boss that happened to be right there. The director pulled up on a bike, whipped out his phone and joined me; we got that Croconaw together and then had our meeting). At any rate, good meetings were had, and I got confirmation from my management chain that I Have Support to go for promotion this fall. I'm also putting together proposals for potential new teams to be under me. In short, there are interesting things to do and I guess I feel back into it again, enough to not mind the whole scene too much.

The seedlings were faithfully watered by [personal profile] heisenbug in my absence, while I put them on 6 hrs dark / 18 hrs light schedule to give them some transition into the flowering stage. They are absolutely not seedlings anymore; I call them this only as one fondly calls a cat "kitten" long after real kittenhood is over. All eight of them are now sprouting little white pre-budding hairs at the crown and also in the joints between trunk and large leaves, and they've gotten taller; exactly like gawky young teens getting leggy and starting to sprout armpit hair. I've decided not to update their grow light, and just switch their light/dark schedule to 12/12 and see what I get with the setup I have.

Sexploration: I feel some coming on, so to speak. I've been feeling both very happy with my two lovers, and very explorey, lately. I did a small amount of Tinder swiping while in California, but Tinder makes me nervous; if I swipe right on a single goddamn person, then the next day we are very likely to match, and then I feel obligated to chat. (You cry for me, male readers, I am sure.) That's exactly what happened on my last evening, but I was tired by then, and just wanted to do laundry in the corp apartment and read and go home. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with an old-but-infrequent friend who I had a crush on in college, and who was once a metamour, and I wonder if things will line up this time; one of these years you'd think they might. And there's a guy I need to write about a threesome, also, who I've been meaning to write to for months. Time to roll a few dice, I think, before I get too worky again.
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