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That was a fairly cheerful and very, very time-efficient trip to Seattle. I've gotten really tired of this spring's "travel and get sick" trope, so this time I flew out on Saturday and back on Monday; hoping to be in and out before the West Coast germs could get me. And despite coughing a bit extra on Saturday, I may have succeeded.

Things I did in my two days:

1) Caught up with [livejournal.com profile] heisenbug's good friend who lives there. Since we last saw him he'd been dumped by his serious girlfriend, largely for reasons of religion (of which he has none), so we provided properly supportive words, and went out for pho and bagels and breakfasts and things. A shout-out is due to Eltana, whose trout salad sandwich gave me something to try at home.

2) Gussied up and went to E&V's wedding, which had some "I never imagined I'd be standing here today" gay wedding schmaltz and which provided a quite delicious dinner. We didn't really know anyone there aside from the family of the grooms, but that's all right, I got to hang out a little bit with Birdie and that was nice. She's fourteen now, and has the braces that I warned E&V about fifteen years ago, and doesn't like to dance without choreography. Apples and trees. :-)

3) Did my bit for science! I got some blood drawn this morning at Seattle Children's Hospital for a craniosynostosis study related to Birdie (who indeed had this condition, an early fusing of skull bones, as a baby). May it go forth and provide data.

Did I mention not crashing the rental car? I feel quietly proud.
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Our last day in Paris was a short one, despite getting up early. [livejournal.com profile] norwoodbridge and I split off from the other friends we were with, and went to Starbucks and (at last!) to a pharmacie to get the things we can't get at home -- the headache medication with codeine, and ibuprofen gel. Then we decamped to a nearby park for an hour of pre-plane stretching, super basic acro and listening to the French as they lunched and chattered around us. We agreed it was soothing to hear the babble of ongoing human activity, without the brain-snag of understanding some of it.

Then we picked up our stuff from the airbnb -- which, as I have not mentioned, was something of a cluttered disaster with no place to put our stuff or keep it separate from the hostess's, so at this point there was a bit of fighting down terror that we might have left something. And we decamped uneventfully to the airport, and thence to Boston.

Overall, that was really fun, and about the right length of trip for me. I'd do it slightly differently next time, like buying some eggs for American-style breakfasts at home in the mornings to avoid the "one big meal per day" dynamic. I would also wave my magic wand and remove the strange "push button to exit any domicile" buttons that exist there, because hello, fire codes! But we did quite well. It was friendly, we mostly didn't rush about too much, I didn't get sick, nobody wanted to look at the stupid Mona Lisa, and there was much sleeping and food and wine.


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