Jan. 6th, 2014

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No, not in an ignorance-is-bliss kind of way. Or maybe that too, but I meant acro and stuff.

My pancake straddle workout this morning was a new PR; I'm in a good place with that again finally, and cruising through my last PR without stopping (also I'm being slow, careful, committedly not over-enthusiastic). The last time or two I touched my stomach to the floor on the final rep of the final set; today it happened on reps 5 and up of that third set, and on the last rep I dared to stay on the floor for a quick extra breath. After that I did my new thing I'm doing for middle split; scooted my straddle forward until it was wide, then did ten pelvic tilts forward and back. Repeat, repeat. And it was wide today (for me).

My splits are coming back. I seem able to stretch the right side now without necessarily hurting it, though again: s-l-o-w. Slow slow. Maybe that side touches down again this year and MAYBE NOT -- what I'd really like to do is get through 2014 without pulling it.

Lastly, crocs. I forgot to tell you about Friday night handbalancing. My first handstands of 2014 went well enough, nothing amazing. Nobody else in that class really has their croc yet; most people are working the 2-arm version on the floor. I was shooed off to one-arm it on the canes. After doing a couple on each side (trying to extend, grr, it's hard), I started on one side and s-l-o-w-l-y transferred over to the other one. When I finished and extended my free hand on the second side, I saw that everyone was watching, and they clapped and I blushed. It's only coincidence really -- plenty of peeps have better croc skillz than I do -- but it was nice to remember that I have learned / am learning something that not everyone can do.

Slow like molasses but feeling just fine.


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