Mar. 7th, 2014

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With apologies for my LJ being sickeningly peppy lately -- I swear my life is not so peppy, I've been up past midnight working every night this week and I do have a couple of new zits -- I have to record some acro advances here.

The Ant and I were having a good night on Wednesday, despite my straining an adductor (not too badly) over the weekend and then annoying it when I gave him my usual panda-style hug. We kind of couldn't get the feel of a swingy move, but we did some front-mount tempos in our first acro class and I was able to get my butt way higher than ever before.

What the hell am I talking about? It's a front mount where I keep pressure on his hands and my center of mass just keeps going when his hands stop moving. Look at 1:48 in this video, or look at #5, the "Reverse Up", in this one. Except that we weren't going all the way to hand-to-hand yet, just the preparation... pike, lift the butt, come back to the ground. It felt different from ever before, smoother. I had my awareness on my center of mass rather than at my hands.

So in dynamic acro, we kept working that move, because we want that hand-to-hand entrance and we've wanted it for months. And we got it! WE GOT IT!! I really needed to be doing the pike and straddle, not the tuck like I'd been working before. 'Sokay. In theory the straddle is a more advanced variation anyway, and I think it's prettier. :P No video yet, but: just one time out of the three I think we got there, it felt really smooth and settled right away, and the Ant pushed me high overhead in celebration even though we had a really wonky grip at that point.

I think it's going to be great preparation for jumping (I mean, successfully) onto canes. All the instructions are the same: pike tightly, round back forcefully on the way up, open out legs late in the process. Jumping to canes I have to do it under my own power instead of being largely Ant-powered, but the movement path will someday feel similar. I keep thinking about how it felt.

[ profile] flexagon dreams of myelin pathways.

We got two other tricks, too. One is incredibly simple but takes power, a front mount tempo STRAIGHT up to foot-to-hand. All I do is jump hard; the Ant tempos it all the way up, releases my hands at the top and goes for my feet. I stand straight and think about foot-to-hand. Only squeaked once while learning. :-)

Lastly, a back flying trick where he lifts me to back flying, immediately tosses me up, and I back tuck to the ground. He always makes a big show of loving these "toss it and forget it" tricks, and sauntering away while I attempt to land on my feet. I always laugh.


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