May. 8th, 2014

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So many of my projects and inclinations are so big, so slow, so incremental, that it's easy for me to forget that I do get better over time. I joked in handstand class that I like crazy jacks because they remind me of this -- as in, I remember flailing all about and laughing and thinking I'd never get the pattern, and the first time I did it right (glory!), and now they just make me calm and smug -- but of course I wasn't really joking. My experience of being me is cruelly slanted toward the static. Maybe that's just the human condition.

So, learning.

Exhibit A: my straddle workout. There's a video from late 2011 from before I could touch my chin to the floor (or maybe I was just starting to, at the very end of the workout). Now that happens on the first rep -- last rep is when my stomach touches the floor. My motion in the video looks limited, not quite like me. But it WAS me!

Exhibit B: three-highs last night in acro class. I had voted against, because then the whole class has to be in one group and it has generally seemed kind of inefficient. But what happened? Bang! Two groups in a row nailed the trick in one shot, and came down on purpose. I middled the second one, on Scooper, and while I wouldn't say it was easy we totally had it. Could have held longer. Could have attempted the fancy way down, even. The point is, we're so much better than we were, as a group, and I guess I got better too. The whole three-high thing took like 10 minutes and there was plenty of time for other things. SO IMPRESSED.

Exhibit C: poi spinning. I haven't talked about this yet, but, inspired by TEDx video The First 20 Hours, I've decided to spend 20 hours practicing with poi and see how far I get. I'm trying to do 15 of those hours in May and, four practice-hours in, I'm almost all the way down the first page of instructional videos here. I'd forgotten what fun it is to be in the steep part of the learning curve, with some trick or other coming easier every time I practice. I don't think I've experienced that since, hmm, since I started using MessagEase on my phone.

How about you, eljay? Do you experience yourself as slow, stuck on the same problems forever, or as adaptive and quick?


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