Oct. 23rd, 2014

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I've been writing snips and snatches of poetry -- or, at the very least, writerly writing -- all month, mostly to no particular notice. I wondered why the one about co-existing mental states suddenly got a ton of comments, until someone on the train today said they didn't read it as a poem. Heh, oops. :)

It was a poem, if prosey. The first part is about me being confused about being sick of acro and needing a freaking break, and then I just kind of went on from there; I'm not actually love/hating anything.

Yesterday was actually really nice... I got the three work-things done that I'd wanted to get done (including coding), and had a reasonable workout. While reviewing packets for HC, I finally got to see a great answer to an interview question we ask at Zillian that had been puzzling me for a while; I took the time to copy out the candidate's known-good answer into my own text file, and write comments and rename variables until I figured out what it was doing. (It's remarkable how hard it can be to understand/solve a problem based on seeing a collection of crappy half-answers.)

I also simplified life considerably by deciding not to go to NYC for part of this weekend. Screw that. Gonna perform on Saturday night and then chill out and enjoy being at home.

To top off an excellent 24 hours, Hypercube jumped to the top of the dresser this morning all by herself! She did it once before, but then there were weeks of watching her try to climb up the drawer pulls, and showing her how the other cats do it, and lifting her up. I assume she'll be bold enough to try for the kitchen counters soon... sigh. :-)
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Tonight I made a new friend when I could have been saying goodbye to an old one. Disloyal, I remained across town, shifting my weight. The new friend is very small, and, in parting, said "Thanks for dancing with me!"

Confusing but nice.

Am I a dancer? Is this a poem? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?


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