Sep. 23rd, 2017

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On Friday my boss asked me how I was and I said "Urgggggggh, I really need a weekend off" so that's what I'm taking. Today so far I slept 10.5 hours, finally caught a Raikou in Pokemon Go, and made it to the sock store to buy some new iLux Nu-Nuvola socks. In theory I think $20 socks with cashmere and silk in them are as ridiculous as you do, but the one pair I bought last Christmas with [personal profile] apfelsingail has been in constant rotation since then and are by far my favorite socks, with basically no signs of wear or shrinkage, so another pair seemed called for. (Plus, the walk was good for hatching eggs for the Pokemon Go Equinox event.)

Trading a couple of emails/texts with Quarte and the cute girl was nice for remembering that new/tentative things (at least when I have them) don't always feel threatening to older things.

I also went out to Boonfuck Waltham to work with Fine-J, who did a nice job guiding me back toward perfectionist training without giving me too much shit for my sloppy work in between lessons. He also reassured me that I'm not the only person to lie awake thinking self-hating thoughts about my spinal proprioception... yeah, most people may not do that, but a lot of circus people, he says, can relate. I did some good presses off an elevation for him, and felt less alone afterward.


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