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It's fun how much history LJ has on my life, these days. I was doing my splits in the gym yesterday, feeling pretty good because the right side was feeling better than it has in, hmm, maybe ever. The guy next to me had some bright-colored T-shirt with a slogan like NOTHING WORTH HAVING EVER COMES EASY, which, though I quibble with it, did get me wondering how long I've been legitimately splitsing for.

I used to be obsessed with the splits, and seriously worked on stretching toward them the summer I was 19 with little success. After that it was off and on, with much discouragement and surging and trying and getting injured and quitting. And does LJ know when I finally began to succeed? It does! I first touched down and really rested in my left-side splits on November 11, 2007. That was in fact the only thing in my "splits" tag; the right side got no such acknowledgement. Still, that's what I was wondering, and the answer is "almost 8 years". I've gained and lost both sides since that day, more than once; gotten a tiny oversplit on the left side; and generally been unimpressive in my rate of progress. The goal was achieved, though, and is being retained, and I still care about it, so that's something. Something very navel-gazey.
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Today I felt like a big ape in the gym, for the most part. It's funny, it's possible to quite like how a body looks and still feel, sometimes, that it's sort of dull. Anyway, after the lifting I spent more time on the stretching than usual, and I unequivocally, unambiguously DID THE SPLITS.

It's kind of funny how not-obviously-binary that judgement call seems. Let me explain: today what I did was on a mat about an inch thick, which makes me feel like maybe it shouldn't count. But I went all the way down, and was able to rest my weight on my front butt-cheek enough to lift my hands from the ground and just sit like that for 20-30 seconds. That whole thing was repeatable, too, about four times. (The other side didn't touch down, and hurt more, but I was disciplined about alternating).

Part of me wants to not give myself any credit until I can slide down into it from standing, quickly, on a marble floor, when cold, at 6:00 in the morning, hips perfectly square. But I am rejecting that... that's stupid. Of course I want to do it again, and get way more consistent, and get the other side, and all sorts of other things, but being able to sit in a split for a while was pretty much the bomb. The last time I got excited about splits, the not being able to stay and sit is exactly why I disqualified the effort. I can't believe that was a year ago... flexibility can be so dreadfully fickle. Of course, a lot of not-stretching of the hamstrings happened between that post and this one, due to injuring one of them, and these days I can and do stretch the little beasties almost every day. (Ask me sometime what I do on the subway platform while waiting for the train to show up. Hint: there's a handrail at an awfully convenient height for putting a foot on). I know that my 19-year-old self would have been delighted to see me today... though she'd also have been pretty horrified at how old I am and how short my hair is. :)
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A year ago I showed the first set of "one year of flexibility improvement" pictures. Today we took some more. I am a little testy that this comes near the end of my hamstring rehabilitation, but decided to stick to my schedule. These are supposed to be representative of "pretty good for now", not "best ever", anyway.

As usual, [livejournal.com profile] heisenbug was behind the lens, and the cats sneaked their way into a lot of the pictures. :)

The second year, 2006 vs 2007...  )


Nov. 12th, 2006 07:45 pm
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This post is a direct followup to last Sunday's. First, no sissy overlapping mats this weekend -- I touched down in my left splits, period. Butt cheek to the mat. I could only stay for a couple of seconds, but I did it three times. And I spent a lot of today making parallettes. :)

To work on now: actually being able to put weight in that butt cheek so I can pick my hands up from the floor, and plausibly stay for a few seconds. I think at that point I'll try to gain some comfort in that pose and try to let the other side catch up a bit.

Hello floor

Nov. 5th, 2006 08:03 pm
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Today I sort of touched down on my left splits. I say sort of because I was using two stretching mats (1/2 inch thick?), and where I touched down they were overlapping. I doubt I compressed the foam enough that I would've touched down on a hard surface. Still, it's a personal record, and a half-inch cheat isn't much, and I want to count it as some kind of victory! Unexpected at that.

I've been doing some reading and I also really want some parallettes now.


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