Mar. 22nd, 2014

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Well, that was a week. Bloody hell. It certainly wasn't all bad -- I mean, I got to see [ profile] norwoodbridge on Tuesday night, even, and we went to Staples together -- it was just so fast and long and unrelenting, another week of working until after midnight each night. But to focus on the good things: my self-review, the one in which I'm going for promotion, is submitted. Over with. Done.

After pressing the button I frantically tried to dig out from under a pile of the last week's ignored work until Friday morning, when Patrick Rothfuss came to Zillian to give an author talk (squee!). He was great, and he was going on 2 hours of sleep for extra hilarity. Some of my favorite quotes:
  • "I like to imply more than... exply."
  • "I mean, you can shave a dog, but that doesn't mean... god, this is a terrible analogy."
  • "The personal is not necessarily the important."
  • "It's pronounced 'kuh-THAY'." <--- "It" being the Cthaeh, the bad thing in the tree in book 2.

Last night I remembered -- or, rather, looked up the latest way to -- add a random RSS feed to my LJ page. So today I went over to feedly, which I never actually use, and imported the few things I care to read on LJ, creating some syndicated accounts in the process. Say hello to [ profile] robot_hugs and [ profile] 3eanuts_rss and [ profile] jimsjournal_rss... [ profile] dirtynormal already existed. Say goodbye to that random feeling of missing out. No, LJ isn't Google Reader, but it is something I read every day.

Today I returned to my straddle pancake workout, after exactly three weeks off for adductor strain. It was totally fine, and I touched my chest to the floor (but won't be surprised if there's significant regression due to soreness the next couple of times). Front/back split stretching went fine, too. I am unaccountably pleased with my right leg for not being a whiny turd, and with myself for doing the right thing there.
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I've settled into the no-dairy thing pretty well, over the course of three weeks. Here's how I'm doing it:

  • Coffee creamer -- unsweetened almond/coconut blend from Almond Breeze, or So Delicious unsweetened coconut stuff

  • Hot chocolate -- either the above or hazelnut milk (highly recommended, tastes like Nutella)

  • Triscuit toppings for late night worky snacking -- smoked oysters or kippered herring

  • Scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, burritos -- daiya

  • Frying eggs -- Bacon grease (delicious, and a legit reason to buy bacon every few weeks!)

  • Sandwiches, which I haven't been eating anyway -- avocado, hummus, olive paste, mayo or just deal with dry sandwich

I miss cheese. :-( I've lost some weight though, and am back to just under 127 after a while in the very low 130s. Can I thank the missing cheese? The way I don't eat enough in general, when stressed? Either way, I do prefer to be under 130 and will not complain at this small development.

As for acne, I broke out a bit over the course of about two days this week (Weds/Thurs). I then got my period on Friday, confirming my suspicion that this was (likely) a very typical hormone timing thing and not (necessarily) a reversal of this month's trend toward clearing up. Today, progesterone production down, estrogen production up, skin is calming... and none of the blemishes were the really honking kind that I've been hoping to target with the dairy elimination, so I'm calm and I think I'm still winning.

If I pay attention and continue with no-dairy and yes-fish-oil, I'm curious to see what next month's pre-period flare will be like. The fish oil study showed people's acne decreasing pretty linearly over the course of 10 weeks and then the study ended, and it's not clear how long it takes a dietary change to take full effect, so I'm inclined to be patient.

I bought Elaine Mummery's book Spotless, mostly in thanks because she's the first person I saw commenting explicitly on "dairy spots" and I will never, ever make it to her clinic in Glasgow. I haven't read it yet... much too busy reading Becoming a Supple Leopard. Mrowr!


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