Jun. 30th, 2014

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I am very pleased with a lot of athletic things lately. I still hate resting, but a light week from time to time is nice. Squits on Saturday were awesome, with my right leg splits -- right leg! -- touching down again at the end. I also played with heavier Turkish get-ups than I have in some time, finding I was able to do the 14kg with reasonable form and the 16kg (sort of) with bad form. If I'd attacked them first, maybe... anyway, I think it'd be fun/badass to start going heavy on those. They feel like a great warmup for pistols.

Straddles went really well on Sunday -- as did handstands, right up until the moment I tried to get the camera out to video some of them. Heh. Before that, though, I actually did a nice straddle-jump up to balance in pike straddle, followed by bringing my legs together and then down again with control. I'm not sure, but I think that was my first time stringing all those pieces together in one take with no spotter.

Gadget Boy has made up a new exercise that basically adds resistance to one of my favorite press handstand drills, using a cable machine, and he's suddenly gotten his press now after years of working on it. Needless to say, I ordered the cable loops he's been using, and will commence writhing about on the floor forthwith.

In jealous retaliation for all this loving on my musculoskeletal system, the rest of my body has hit me with a sinus-y cold at one end and a yeast infection at the other. So, despite the above, today has been Couch Monday.


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