Jul. 21st, 2014

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Oh, the world... it's not so much with the holding still. A girl gets tired.

  • The place I get facials is closing down. I'm sad, though with better skin the facials hadn't been doing as much the last time or two anyway. Time to stop spending money on facials, and use the cash to start on retinol instead?

  • Scooper got laid off from the job he hates, and now ACTUALLY has no reason to stay in Boston. He's interviewing for one job here, but primarily looking in California. If/when he leaves, my acro life is going to change considerably. I wish I knew what he was doing.

  • [livejournal.com profile] norwoodbridge is buying a new house! I probably just spent the last night I'm going to spend in the tiny 1-bedroom apartment we've been calling "the nest".

  • Speaking of [livejournal.com profile] norwoodbridge, his family just had a baby die and he's got divorce terms to finalize, and other stuff. Changes.

  • Nala had some kind of weird seizure on Sunday. No reason to think it's linked to anything in particular -- she had a really similar one years ago, which nothing ever came of -- but it was scary and reminds me she is sixteen.

  • Hypercube is growing. I'd say "at an astounding rate", but it's not so astounding when you look at how much FOOD she stuffs in her little kitten face.

  • My favorite team member... and let's not lie, every manager has favorites... is moving to the Plex. I could really, really do without this. She's one of the two people I moved to this team to work with, damn it, and the other already moved on. The team in her absence will be different.

  • On the up side, my pancake and splits are getting better and better. Since nothing holds still, I'm off pistols for a while (knee tweak), but restarting pull-ups after significant downtime. It'll feel good to get those back.

  • Awesome handbalancing teacher Bender is leaving, in just a few weeks. :-( Who will I drool over in the local circus school? Who will tell me ever-so-gently to tuck my hips even more, even more? Sigh.

I think all this stuff piles up faster when one goes away from normal life for a few days at a time, as I've been doing. This weekend was great for resetting, sleeping, feeling okay to go again, and now I want a few days/weeks/months of NORMAL in order to GET THINGS DONE. Probably too much to ask for.


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