Sep. 3rd, 2014

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So weird... I'm going to have free time on both Wednesday and Thursday evenings* for the next eight weeks. I know I'm making up for some of it by adding on a Saturday commitment, and I know I'll miss the acro crew... but mostly I'm just baffled at the luxury of having THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW, most weeks, to work as late as I want.

The shake-up will be good for me. I don't really know what I'm doing with circus arts at this point. Handbalancing, for sure... and I DO know that I succeeded in sticking to the wall when doing the "bench drill" on Tuesday morning. After several seconds I squeaked in extreme-but-delayed excitement and fell down, and then did the whole thing again twice more. So, yay. I even have an invitation to do semiprivate lessons with a total badass who I haven't met before, but who Pokemon thinks I'll really like.

And, work -- trying to catch up on things after last week's trip, bracing myself for the departure of my favorite report at the end of this week. The extra time really will help, on this front, with getting and staying caught up again. I'm also trying to read some fiction every day this month, and have signed up to help with a knitting project for the craft group at work.

* At least, I think. I wrote to Scooper telling him that I want to take a few weeks off from our usual Thursday night practice and, after several days of not writing back, he's asking when we can chat.


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