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Mostly written very late Sunday night in an attempt to get sleepy, which is why it's long.


I decide to check my PO box on the way to the airport. Bad decision, as it turns out; there's a rejection notice from Microcosm saying they think my zine is "sort of me being defensive about my new large income." (Later, [livejournal.com profile] miyyu will see this and say "did they read it?") I end up sort of laughing at it though. For one thing, they'll put it in a grab bag now, and someone will read it. :)

First mouse of the journey is sighted at Logan Airport. Nobody else sees him so he gets to sniff around under seats for a while. Aww.

On the train from the Philadelphia airport into town, I sort of admire the graffiti in the industrial wasteland we're passing through, but break into an involuntary grin when I finally see skyscrapers.

I am late due to flight delays but [livejournal.com profile] miyyu manages to deal with it gracefully. I can't tell you much about how that goes or what we talk about, because half our sentences start with "I haven't posted about this yet, but...". I had a good time though. It was great to meet in person -- and by the way, m, you have the bluest eyes ever. Wow.

[livejournal.com profile] miyyu puts me on a trolley toward my hotel at about 7. I walk through a somewhat sketchy part of Philly but gain my destination... the UPenn campus is gorgeous, but this is where I have my unexpected adventure of the trip, because well, I just do. )

Second mouse of the journey is spotted in the subway stop at 40th and Market, down by the rails.

I am not one of those people who have trouble sleeping in hotels. ZONK.


I dream about seeing a kangaroo rat, except that in my dream it looks more like a small kangaroo.


Oh sunlight! The subway is not scary now, and switching from orange to blue is easy; I don't even have to pay again. I have no idea where I went last night. I have no problem meeting [livejournal.com profile] nevers on time, and [livejournal.com profile] easter is with her as an unexpected bonus. [livejournal.com profile] nevers sets a new record for me: minimum time between meeting someone and begging them to pick me up in the air on their feet. Wheeee! Acro stuff is so fun. I'm not sure what makes me feel more overjoyed: that somewhere in the last 10 years I subconsciously learned cartwheels, or that I am actually able to base a little bit. Or the working on handstands in the middle of a field. Or the flying... I love, love the physical trust involved and the hovering above the ground, which I knew I would. I must find people to base. And I also have to take that gymnastics class even though it's at a worse place for me now. And I have a whole new list of things I can work on, and I'm all inspired by seeing a press handstand in person.

I have many pictures of this, which I'll post soon. During at least one of them I am saying "Icon picture! Icon picture!" and making us laugh. We get [livejournal.com profile] easter upside down and in the air too.

The zinefest itself is much as I expect, except not selling as many zines as I'd perhaps hoped. I do better when I actually lasso people in with a little sales pitch. It strikes me that I'm totally comfortable doing this now, and there's no way I would have been a few years ago. Science fiction and economics are equally popular and I give away all of [livejournal.com profile] heisenbug's free Dork CDs; the only weird thing is that nobody buys my hex nut necklaces. I guess if people can buy four zines or one necklace it makes sense that they'd rather save their money.

[livejournal.com profile] easter and her husband give me a ride to the airport, saving me from two more trains, and we talk and it's nice. I give them some zines. Here is my Philadelphia airport haiku:

Ladies, who told you
it's okay to pee on the
toilet seats? It's not.

Despite getting onto an earlier flight than I was going to take, after delays I land only a few minutes before I was planning to in the first place. I'm not very impressed with air travel these days. This may sound curmudgeonly, but when I was a kid I remember the airplanes running on time.


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