May. 27th, 2014

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My baby ocicat was supposed to arrive on Saturday at 5 PM, but this turned out not to quite happen; the freelancers who do animal transport seem to always fly standby, and I lost far too much time hearing stories of how ours had missed more and more flights. Kitten was transferred to the transporter at 2 PM on Saturday, and eventually flew out of ATL at 4:45 on Sunday. Not standby, either; on a one-way ticket that I bought for her, after a day of freaking out over tiny kitten stuck in airport and running out of food. And then THAT flight was delayed 90 minutes... AUGH.

But: happy ending! [ profile] norwoodbridge and I met her at the airport on Sunday evening, fed her in the back of his car and ferried her home. Even the transporter had fallen a little bit in love with her: "Take good care of her, okay?" I promised that I would, that for all the annoyance of the last two days this baby would have a really good life.

When [ profile] heisenbug came out to the car and saw her on my lap in the back seat he gasped; she is so unexpectedly tiny, and she shines. He crawled in with me, booped her tiny head with his finger and said "YOU... are pure evil." Probably true. Such immense power she has, in such a teensy frame.

Ah, but why so many words? You want a picture.



There are LOTS of pictures, all over the facebooks and soon to be all over the G+. Most importantly, there is an actual kitten on my lap here, as I sit at the couch (taking caternity leave today, will likely take more next week). She is stunningly bold and snuggly for a bitty little thing who was torn from her home and kept in an airport for ages. I love her spots and her spirit, and will endeavor to be a worthy companion.


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