Jun. 4th, 2014

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In the park last Sunday I took The Bad Fall from standing h2h for the first time in well over a year. Scooper had pressed me up to exended, and we started to lose it up there, so he brought it back down to shoulder height... trouble being that, for whatever reason, it came down with a jolt that broke my shoulder line. I planched forward and my face pitched straight down, and I squeaked in fear and dismay.

And then? We had time to react. I kept my arms engaged, we both kept our grip, Scooper pulled UP as hard as he could: all the right things. I tumbled, and landed with one butt cheek on the ground, no harder than I've landed from L-basing a million times.

SO GRATEFUL, people. All that training. Whew.


Jun. 4th, 2014 01:04 pm
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Mid-day Sunday, I screwed up my courage and drank down 25 grams of lactose (in a hazelnut milk / coffee mix). I was concerned that it wouldn't be perfectly clean data, since my skin already wasn't perfect and there was some minor dairy-related slipping up over the weekend (tiny amount of creamy dressing, a small brownie, a bite's worth of cheese they forgot to leave off a breakfast sandwich for me and I couldn't pick out of the bacon).

Nonetheless, I didn't want to keep putting off the science. So, lactose. I WANTED the problem to be lactose, because LactAid is a thing that exists and can help if it's that.

That night I thought my skin was pretty cranky, in a general inflammation sort of way. I thought I had more clogged pores than usual, and pre-existing blemishes seemed redder and more inflamed. I was hoping to wake up with an enormous breakout on Monday, and was annoyed when I didn't.

But... over the next 36 hours, I did indeed develop some of those deep-down zits that nobody likes, including on my neck where I usually don't get them (that was a lactose thing for at least one girl in Spotless) and the soft part of my cheek where I haven't been getting anything lately. So that's of interest. All calming down now.

Most of the trillion articles out there on milk and acne are blaming the hormones in milk... growth hormones, IGF-1, androgen receptors, on and on. And there's no way of knowing the hormone content of the whey, casein and lactose isolates I have. So this isn't conclusive, yet, but I did get some Lactaid and may as well take some before I eat the occasional "edgy" things like non-vegan baked goods.

Remaining experiments: casein isolate, peanuts, Lactaid and lactose drink together. Next period predicted June 10 though, so I think I have to do the casein soon or else wait.


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